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November 13, 2012

Unless the keeper intends to breed them, rabbits are most often kept caged individually in the United States. In Canada and Europe, however, it is customary to raise rabbits in group housing whether they are pets, breeders or food animals. Rabbits are generally shy, easy to handle and, with the exception of mature, unneutered males, companionable with other rabbits. With the proper care, group-housed rabbits exhibit more natural behavior than those that live a solitary life.Other People Are ReadingHow to Raise a Rabbit for ProfitHow to Pasture Meat RabbitsPrint this article CompatibilityCompatibility is the most important issue when establishing group housing of any animal. Groups should be established before the rabbits reach puberty; a period of only visual contact as neighbors prior to the physical introduction of the animals will reduce aggressiveness. Rabbits that are already accustomed to each other will exhibit the least aggression, but stresses will influence their behavior. Each rabbit should be monitored and evaluated for desirable, and undesirable, personality traits.HabitatRabbits are natural burrowers, or nest builders, and they need something to constantly chew. They have a preference for straw and shredded paper over sawdust, woodchips and bare floors,Canada Goose Gloves. Tubes large enough for the rabbits to hide in together reduce stress and aggression, offering them a place when they feel startled. A slightly elevated shelf on which to sit will often be taken over and monopolized by the most dominant animals.HygieneRespiratory and other health issues in rabbits are in large part caused by poor or inconsistent sanitation. The number of animals,Canada Goose Camp Coats, size of the habitat and the materials from which the habitat is made determine how often the cage needs cleaning,Canada Goose Trillium Parka. Rabbits characteristically choose a single spot in the cage for bathroom purposes, but urine and manure will build up quickly. Washing the surfaces with an acid-based solution is necessary as much as twice a month.SpaceGrouped rabbits must have adequate room for exercise,Canada Goose Solaris Parka, social interaction and an area in which to hide. There must be enough room for the rabbit to hop at least three times (at full maturity) and enough head room for the rabbit to stand on its back legs. This generally equals 3.5 to 10 square feet of area for each animal. Stress and aggression will result when there is not enough room for natural behavior patterns, resulting in unhealthy and unhappy rabbits.


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