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irak986se Canada Goose Gloves How to Make a Homemade Goose Call for Kids mrkp040oe

November 9, 2012

Geese communicate with their goslings and other geese by sounds or calls. A high-pitched call can signal alarm or danger while a goose uses a low-pitch call during times of safety,Canada Goose Gloves. Hunters and bird watchers try to mimic goose calls to bring geese out into the open to be easily seen. The concept of a goose call is to force air across a reed to cause a vibration which makes a sound. Well-made professional goose calls can be costly. You can achieve similar sounds just for fun for a child to enjoy by making a simple kazoo,Canada Goose Dawson Parka.Other People Are ReadingHow to Blow Goose CallsHow to Make a Homemade Duck CallPrint this articleThings You’ll NeedCardboard tubeWax paperScissorsRubber bandHole punchShow MoreInstructions 1Use hole punch to punch a hole in side of tube 3/4-inch from opening on one end.2Cut a piece of wax paper to measure 5-by-5 inches.3Lay the wax paper square on a flat surface. Place the open end of the cardboard tube where you punched the hole on top of the wax paper square.4Fold the ends of the wax paper over the outer sides of the cardboard tube. Pull the paper tight across the opening of the tube.5Wrap a rubber band around the outside of the wax paper to secure it to the cardboard tube,Canada Goose Camp Coats. The rubber band should be tight but not bend the tube. Push or trim back any wax paper that covers the hole you punched on the side of the tube.6Hum through the open end of the cardboard tube making fast short tones. The wax paper will vibrate when air passes through the hole and create a sound replicating that of a goose.Tips & WarningsA paper towel or toilet paper tube works well as the cardboard tube,Canada Goose Citadel Parka. Experiment with different lengths to see how the sound changes.Speak short words into the tube and change the pitch of your hum to variate the sound.


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